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Option to save/pick/import/copypaste wall components individually





Since the very same wall components repeat across different wall styles, it would make sense to be able to save the wall components separately.


One could create a wall style by simply selecting pre-defined wall components from a list, and/or import them from other wall styles.


I know it's possible to set up a master wall with every possible imaginable component and delete the ones not needed, but is it not really the same thing. If one later wishes to add a component, it has to be done manually.


For example: A 13mm gypsum board is always the same, no matter which wall style it sits in. The graphical presentation is practically always the same, also other parameters. It doesn't make sense having to re-define whenever it needs to be added to a wall style.




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I think that is a combined Material system for Components,

including RW textures, price dataan such things,

which I asked for in the past.

As, e.g. the same Concrete may be used for Walls, Columns, Beams, ....


Some could have already a parent thickness like foils,

while a certain would could use a flexible thickness, set by Component


Also a flexible thickness in Components could work to prevent extra Styles,

like 2,5 plaster / masonry / 1,5 plaster with masonry in 11,5/24/36,5

if we could set the Walls overall width in the Style.

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