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Enhance the Line Marker Editing


I'd love to see a couple, 3 really, small enhancements made to the Line Marker editing function.


1.  Have the Header Names function just like others do in the program so that when you for instance select "Length" the list will re-sort in a numerical order largest to smallest or smallest to largest.  Alpha numeric in the case of Marker Name.  (See item 2) or Marker Type, etc.


2.  Provide a new column (Marker Name) that will show a name that could be given to any Marker.  So that when using an exhaustive list of markers and for the sake of others in the office (standards) I can quickly find the precise marker I need.


3.  Instead of a # column it would be a Stacking order with a drag and drop function.  Right now if I select "New" and make a new marker and say "OK" the new marker goes to the bottom of the list.  Predictable but I want it further up the list.  Or...if I select a marker somewhere within the current list and select "New" and say "OK" the new marker shows up under the marker I selected originally when I selected "New".  I don't want the new marker there; hence Stacking order with a drag and drop


Upon making any change the said change will remain intact the next time the Edit Marker List function is selected


One more thing...This 


Marker Dialog Box.jpg

Edit Marker.jpg

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