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Please add back ability to change layer assignment of objects within a group


I would like to request that a feature I used quite often in v2017 be added back to v2018.

This feature allows you to change the "layer" assignment of an object that is grouped with others.


This feature was added to v2017 and I found it a very valuable and time saving item that I used almost daily.


I will have several items grouped together, and when I double click on that group to edit the contents, having the ability to remove an item from the group and assign it to a different layer was a huge benefit for my workflow. Of course this object would then not be part of that group any longer, but retain it's position on another layer. For me, that other layer is typically one I call "not used", a layer for items I may need again while working.


Since this has been lost in 2018, I now have to copy the item, delete it from my group, then change layers, and then paste it. This removes me from my workflow that I enjoyed so much in 2017. Please, please, add this feature back to 2018...



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@dbrumbach This sounds like an interesting ability... Might you be able to describe a bit more how you use it? For example, what are the several items you would have grouped together initially and what would you then move, from that group, to a different layer? Thanks.

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Hi Neil, sorry for the delayed reply.


This functionality did exist in the 2017 version of vectorworks but was removed from 2018.


For instance, using Spotlight and working on a live event setup, I may have several items of scenery grouped together on a layer.

I request comes in for an alternate look to some of these items, just for review. With VWX 2017, I could double click on the group, and say I duplicate an object in place, then I could assign that duplicate to a different layer for possible re-use, and then edit the original object within that group. Sometimes it is not desirable to ungroup everything just to move an object to another layer, then re-group it all again.


Make sense?  I actually did double check my old version of 2017 and that functionality works great, but is no longer part of 2018???

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@dbrumbach I see what you mean... That is very interesting! I haven't used the workflow you describe myself, but I can totally see how being able to re-assign a Design Layer for an object within a group could indeed be useful.


@JimW Might this "change" be a bug of sorts?

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