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Criteria: Fill Style?

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17 minutes ago, TKA said:

did you try "fill pattern" set to None? - first "X" box in 3rd column?


That worked, thank you! I would've assumed that was only useful when using Pattern Fills, but it indeed solves my current problem.


But now I wonder, hypothetically, if I wanted to select rectangles with a Fill Type set to Gradient, how that'd be done?

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I think this is another wishlist item that should be really easy to fix.  I personally like having pull down menus for different choices as opposed writing scripts (which were driving me crazy especially at the end of the day).  Having said that, I think all the pull down menus should be organized in a similar manner to classes - main and sub categories. Subs then could be expanded as per users feedback.

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It appears that FP returns a negative number for all of the "special" fill types, Gradient, Image, Tile, Hatch.


Not a whole lot of use as it seems to be linked somehow to the order of the resources in the file. So it will probably be different for each file, but you can probably generate a worksheet database of selected object with column with formulas of =FP, =FF, =FB, =HFI and use that to figure out what you need on a file by file basis.

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