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Select Connected 3D Polygons?

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Is there a way to select one 3D polygon and have VW select any "connected" 3D polygons? It's a task I run into fairly often when working with Mesh objects, but haven't found any way to do it.


As a visual example, the following image is a single mesh object, even though it's multiple separate pillows.



I'd like to make each individual pillow it's own discrete Mesh object (for color and texturing). I can convert the Mesh to Group which gives me all of the contained 3D polygons, but after that it's just a game of completely manual selection, which can be difficult or nearly impossible when meshes overlap. It seems like it'd be the perfect job for the computer since the triangular 3D Polygons of each pillow inherently have points in common with each other.


Is there any way with scripting that it could be done?


Since I import a LOT of SketchUp objects into VW for renderings, many of which need to be cleaned up in various ways, a command to select connected 3D polygons would be super helpful. Note that this post is NOT about pillows, it's just what I have in front of me at the moment. :)


If there's no current way of doing it, it'd be great if this functionality be rolled into the "Select Connected Objects" command (which currently seems to only work with 2D objects and Walls).



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