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Viewport Camera Scene shows up twice in open VP

Grethe Connerth


Ha ....!

Found a brand new bug I haven't seen since I started working with VW back in ancient 1997 ...


I just opened a Viewport 'Camera' in order to go change the view.

And for some reason the scene showed up TWICE above each other in  the open VP !!! 


See screenshot attached below where you can see the seating, then on the mid sections the windows have been cut in half but you can still see the rigging and lighting start, which then has an overlay of the furniture again ... strangest thing.

Has anybody experienced this before? Just wondering.

I saved everything, closed the file & program, made a duplicate and am now continuing working.





Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 6.41.01 pm.png

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Jep, happened to me once. I tried all kinds off stuff rapidly just to finish the project and after a few minutes of reopening, deleting the VP"camera" and reinstalling one, restarting VW etc. etc. it was all fine again. I did suspect that this had to do with the "camera" in the VP -- and as that is what I focused my chaotic troubleshooting on and it worked after, I now think that must have been the problem.

Generally, the VP-cam is causing a few problems and needs too many workarounds to be useful.

(But I just can't resist depth of focus)

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