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Inserting Borders/Title Blocks

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Hello All...I'd appreciate suggestions on the proper or at least best way to insert a border/title block into drawings. I print on 8.5x11, 13x19, and 24x36 for various reasons.

I guess the first thing is, should the border/block be a symbol?

Should I have a symbol for each sheet size, or does one typically scale the symbol as appropriate?

Should I be using a workgroup reference even though I'm the whole group?

Should I be placing the border on a design layer or sheet layer?

Thanks for your input.

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Glenn, at the moment I am using a different title block symbol for each different printed sheet size, or different configuration. I am placing the title block symbol on the sheet layer, and then locking it to prevent accidental moves. I am strongly considering going back my previous method (in version 10 and earlier) whereby my title block was in its own layer, and was then stacked with other layers. For me this has obvious advantages, and while I do understand (and utilize) the power of viewports it is sometimes frustrating trying to decide where to place certain data: do I annotate in a 'notes' design layer at scale, or in a sheet layer at 1:1? I'm not sure there is any "right" or "wrong" way to use the software - you just need to find a way that works for you. I'm sure others will have opinions, so...

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I'm probably not the right person to answer this, but here goes. I'm using v.10. I created various templates for the sheet sizes I use. On each I created my borders and title blocks, complete with company logo, etc. on a layer I named "title block". Pretty catchy, huh? Anyway, I set the scale on the the title block layer to 1:1.

This method works great for me, and has no problems at all. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind once I move up to v. 11.


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Thanks for the guidance...Next issue: Why are me record entries not displaying? I've attached a record and it shows it's attached in the OI palette when I edit the symbol. I've linked the fields to the record in the symbol, yet when I insert the symbol and enter the data, it doesn't display in the drawing. If I enter the data while the symbol is in edit mode it displays. What have I missed?


Digging deeper I've found more details. My border symbol is made up of two symbols. One for the border and rev. notes area, a second of the title block itself. If I insert the single title block symbol, the records display properly.

Thanks some more.

[ 08-13-2004, 10:27 AM: Message edited by: focuseddesign ]

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