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Service Pack 3 for Vectorworks 2018 released

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

SP3 for Vectorworks 2018 is out! You will be able to download this service pack through Check for Updates, but you can also find a summary of corrections and the download HERE as well.

If you have questions about any of the fixes, or after updating you still encounter an issue that was marked as fixed, please don't hesitate to reply with details below.

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Hi Jim,


Fab Fab Fab!!! Thanks for this.


You guys have been very busy looking at the looong list of things.


The ones I can relate to are mostly Title Block issues and the many crashes on various matters I have experienced in the past.


- 'OIP Hardscape controls not working' <-- I assume this one is related to any floating tools that don't respond to '+' or '-' activations ?

  Seems to be working better already having installed the new SP3 just now.


  This was in the conversation on t he Forum --> Basic Tool Pallet and Tool Set Bar always resizing


- Snapping Fails in Referenced Design Layer Viewport in Rotated Plan View : JBC

  Yeah, very proud, this is one I had flagged, great to se it's being fixed.


Well done everyone at the VW team !!!!




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Thanks for the updates I see there are some really welcome fixes among them, but... the huge lag on sheet layers when moving things is still there as badly as it was before SP3 compared to the almost instant fluidity of VW2016 :(

Are there still any lag issues being worked on that will be solved in SP4 or should SP3 have solved almost all of them?

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I am currently using VW2018 SP2 and trying to download SP3 however when I go to help>check for updates, it tells me I am up to date.


I can't see the SP3 download on the Service Select Portal. We are a New Zealand practice so I am guessing it must still take a while for VW to ship it over. We are a long way away afterall... or am I missing something?


Wouldn't usually be a big deal however I am about to install VW2018 on the rest of our office machines and would like to get the latest service pack included.

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Good morning Boh,


I had the same issue yesterday.


1. Simply go to the link that JimW provided above that says 'HERE' mentioning the summary of corrections and you'll land on the VW Service Select page 'Vectorworks 2018 Service Pack 3 Release Notes'.


2. There on the left hand side click on 'PRODUCT UPDATES'

3. on the next page that opens chose your current VW 2018 in the drop down window

4. and click on 'DETAILS below

And this leads you to your download page for SP3 Windows & Mac.


Hope it helps.


Cheers from Melbourne/OZ,



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The link from JimW is for the International English/US version and may not be equal to the NZ/OZ version with regard to functionality. There could also be small differences in install paths etc.

E.g. the US English version that is distributed over here does have some minor differences in installation compared to the US version that can be downloaded from the Vectorworks.net website even though it would not break the core program if the VW.net version is used it could break something small that you may or may not be using, so it is best to stick with one or the other updater all the time and not alternate between updaters to avoid glitches.

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Hi Art,


Thank you that's a valid point.

I thought about that yesterday, but still installed it ...  ;0)) hope it'll be ok ...


Was asking our local OzCad support team a few days ago when SP3 will be available and they said it was just a few days away.


So I just had a look at their website re Updates but it's not there just yet.




I'll just pop the question again to OzCad this  morning, as we are a bit but only days behind every time.


I'll post tier reply here once I have feedback which usually they get back to me really quickly.


Stay tuned.





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Hi Art,

thanks again for info.


OzCad mentioned that actually it should not be possible to install the US version over the Australian license.

But I simply have to install our OZ version over the US one - no re-install of VW 2018.


Hi Boh,

OzCad said the Australian SP3 version will be out next week.

However I would not be able to tell you if you need to use the US or the OZ version.




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Great, thanks! Good to see a few project sharing items picked up in the list there.


P.S. Worth mentioning that there was no alert for the service pack in our copies of Vwx (i.e. the little red bell bottom right), so only just noticed the update had been released! I had assumed the alert would flag up any new service packs - pretty sure it did SP2.

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Hi BOH !


I just contacted OzCad again re SP3 and this is their reply:


It went live on Friday so please ;check for updates'.

If you have already installed the US one you'll need to directly download SP3 from here and then run the updater.




Hi Asemblance - Re 'Message Centre' alerts

I have the same thing happening - no alerts there and also it showed up to be 'up to date' when checking and before I installed the US version by mistake.


OzCad's reply:

We will get a message out to the Message Centre soon.


Have a great day!




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how about a complete VB list (maybe in crescent number order...) where the users can check a specific VB situation? For exemple i’m waiting to VB-147735 and VB-127356 but from these page can’t understand if they are fixed or not. 


But.. great work.. a very long list and new funcionality, like an half upgrade!

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