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Soft Goods Tool "Delete Vertex" isn't working

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I draw a lot of pipe-and-drape and when I'm in a hurry, when I double-click to end a run of P&D I often get an extra base-plate and short run of drape by mistake (my mistake I'm sure).


Usually I just double-click the pipe-and-drape object to open up the editing tools, select the "Delete Vertex" tool, and click on the oddball baseplate and away it goes.  Now the "Delete Vertex" tool does nothing.  All the other editing tools seem to work.  Since those tools seem like the general "Edit Polyline" tools I've tried them all on a polyline object, and they work just fine.


I've seen other users get relief by deleting their RunTime Cache folder and restarting VWX.  Does that sound like an option?  Where is that?  I've only seen the filepath listed for Macs and I'm on the PC Windows 10 dark side...


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks...

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If you scroll dow n the OIP, you'll find the "Move" "Vertex" area.

The bottom of this has the "Hide Next Edge" button. If you use the Vertex choice keys to get to the last vertex you want, then click the "Hide Next Edge" and the extra section will disappear.




Hope this helps!!


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