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Centre Page on New Viewport

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Yes I do. It's not that useful when the page is literally miles away from the viewport. And cannot be seen at those zoom levels. It's like fumbling around for a tiny white dot on a white background.
Can the page be moved with a key command?

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You should be able to use Zoom > Fit to Page to first find the page, then click in the center of the page area with the Move Page tool, then press Tab and exter the X, then tab again to enter the Y coordinates you want to move the page to. Letting you avoid the repeated click-drag-zooming of moving it with the cursor.

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Why not do it the other way? Use select all to catch the viewport and then use the Object Info Palette to put the center of the viewport at 0,0. That way it will be at the page center right away without any further fiddling. If necessary you can then adjust the viewport scale to make it fit on the page.

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I work with georeferences a lot and always move the viewport to the page instead of the page to the viewport. Especially if you have viewports from different parts it is easier to move the viewport to the page so that you can copy/paste sheet layer items from one sheet layer to another with paste in place for consistency.


The 0,0 coordinate I was referring to is that of the center of the viewport. If you select the viewport then the OIP will give you the coordinates which will not be 0,0, then select the center dot of the coordinate points reference rectangle in the OIP and then adjust the X and Y values of that point to 0,0 to make it move to the center of the drawing page.

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