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Structural member Tool : DIN Series Wide Flange





I just discovered the structural member tool and was very happy until I realised that the DIN series shapes do not seem to be available from the structural member tool. It seems that there is only one shape available for DIN. 

However when I use the structural shapes tool - wide flange 3d - the din shapes are available.


I've looked around the forum but did not find any specific answers. I tried reseting preferences but that did not work.


A few screen shots below. On the left is the wide flange tool, on the right is the SM tool ( obviously not the right shape )


(Update : Just uninstalled VW and reinstalled SP1- the SM tool was working with the DIN profiles except the names where changed. I updated to SP2 and now it's back to the way I noted in my original post. However the IPE profiles do seem to be working. Is this a database problem ? maybe some typos ?)

Would really like to be able to use this profiles .

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 16.54.21.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 16.54.07.png

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This definitely looks like something is wrong somewhere. I suggest to file a bug report for this with a demo file attached.


Being a Landmark user I unfortunately don't have the structural member tool, though it would be nice to have, so I am not able to try to replicate this issue.

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Thanks for the reply.


I looked around in some of the library files and it seems that there are some missing and/or added elements in the StructShape_WFlange-DIN.txt file in the plug-ins_common folder. Not sure what "IPBv" is nor "IPBl".


I tried contacting tech support but still no answer.


How does one file a bug report ?  I have another bug with the roof face tool - see my other post if interested.





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