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Pitched Roof

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Thanks, but that isn't working for me. When I select "Pitched Roof" I get a standard hip roof. I click "Use Custom Roof from Profile" to edit, but the roof goes flat and there are no options to edit the pitched roof. I've watched the Vectorworks tutorial on this subject and don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Honestly, even if it were working correctly, it is way to many tedious steps to create dozens of simple massing models. It's easier to create generic solids in Vectorworks, but it's even easier to create generic solids in SketchUp then bring them back into Vectorworks.



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Sorry I didn't see this sooner.  I had same needs and came up with "Unit Roofs". These are symbols, one for each type of roof I needed.  The symbols measure 1'x1'x1'.  The insertion point can be a corner or center or center of an edge - depends on how you like to work.


EG for a massing model of a simple 25'x30' building and 8' tall gables:

•Draw/extrude the building footprint up to height

•Place a Gable Roof symbol (or copy paste an existing one), place it at a corner (depending on how you set up your symbol insertion) of the extrude.

•In OIP, choose asymmetric scaling and adjust the values - eg x=25, y=30, z= 8.

•If, 2' eves on sides, adjust x factor to 27'.  Now you have a gable roof sitting on an extrude.

•Need some roof dormers? Add smaller gable roofs sticking out at appropriate locations.


I do this with tree symbols, too.  1'tall, 1'wide, 1'wide. Rescale as to match known height and canopy.


Here is file (v2018) with my little roof symbols and screen shot of the neighborhood shadow study I was working on. Very quick to make all the massing models although I had to estimate the z values.  I used GIS data and aerial photos for curbs, walks and building outlines on a separate base layers, then traced the outlines on my building layer and extruded. Then added the roofs.




Unit Massing Model.vwx

Neighborhood Massing.png

Unit Roof tTypes.png

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roof type image
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