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Nodes not making connections to other nodes


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Sometimes, connections between nodes are not retained when I move the nodes around.

It looks as if the nodes were never connected in the first place, even though I snapped an output to an acceptable input.


The attached PDF shows nodes from a shared resource on the forum; I've also attached the VWX file.


The string input nodes are not connected to anything, but they have wires running to floating circles.  I made sure that all classes and layers are visible, so I'm certain that there aren't any hidden nodes. The wires can be unsnapped from the mysterious circles, and reconnected to a proper node.


This issue occurs when I copy+paste portions of a marionette network for re-use in another marionette network, or when I relocate portions of a marionette network. The issue reappears, even after connecting to the correct node.



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I'd like to help you out with this, but first I'll need some background. (I'm the original creator of the ODBC nodes, so I'm familiar with this file.)

It looks like this file has traveled through the versions with you. When you placed the nodes on the drawing area, was that in 2018, or did you already have a network created in 2017 or 2016? We've run into issues occasionally when networks were brought forward from a previous version, but usually recreating the network from a blank file won't exhibit the same issues.

If this file was created fresh in 2018, I'd be happy to help troubleshoot further.




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@Marissa Farrell


Thanks for the speedy reply.


I downloaded this from the forum, for use in v2018. It came to me with "v2017".


I'm working on a project in a clean file, not using any nodes outside of the marionette library. I'm not having the issue now, but I did earlier today and had to delete half of the project.

I'll be sure to send you a copy when it becomes an issue again.

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