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One year later... still having problem with stories

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Just wondering what were your thoughts in setting this up using stories.





Left bulk - 8'10" typical flr to flr

Right bulk - 11'-9" typical flr to flr


1. How would the stories organization be set up.

2. When putting in furnitures and other miscellaneous items (such as railings), how do you ensure that it's at the right story? (from my knowledge, there is no "bottom bound" for these objects, would you just place the objects and offset them afterwards?)


Much obliged

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Currently you can't have different Story Setups for different Buildings like in IFC

in one VW File. So dividing Buildings into separate files with different Story Settings

and referencing them may be not satisfying but a possible workaround.


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This flaw makes it very difficult to use storeys for a large number of projects, especial renovations and Split Level style homes. Perhaps a solution would be for VW to develop  "Sets" of storeys. 

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As of Vw 2018 a new feature has been added that may help this situations, now the component of a Wall Style can be overwritten. See attached screenshots for Story setup and  Wall style overwritten 


Wall Component Override.png

Offset Story Levels.png

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Juan, I stand corrected thank-you. We've only used Storeys on one very simple Garden Centre project with an attached 2 Storey office. I may have a Victorian home reno coming in & we'll try to use it there. Thanks!

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Split levels can be done by stories. I usually create multiple story levels for each level type:

top of structure

finished floor

s_top of structure

s_finished floor


Then I create multiple wall styles: base to base, split to split and if needed base to split and split to base.

Same for floors.

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