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adding a window late in design to project after you create a window shcedule

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When creating my window and door schedule, I number them 1- through the number of windows in the project.  I start on the ground floor and typically go clockwise for the number sequence. then I go first and second floors. etc, etc.

What happens when I decided to add a window late in the project stage after I have already created the window schedule?  An example, I am adding a new window say on the 1st floor that is between windows 113 and 114.  This new ow window I want to be window number to be  114 and all the remaining window number would then need to change up one.  Is there an efficient way to change these windows numbers?

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If I have a job with a large number of windows/or doors, I will skip a number (ie. 9, 19, 29...) that way if later in the job a window needs to be added, it just takes up one of the spare numbers closest to it.


With my number sequence I used to go clockwise as well on plan, but now go anti-clockwise. That way on elevations you view the numbers left to right counting up.

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I have a different philosophy.  I will renumber objects to keep things tidy in SD - but once the drawings go out - it is more confusing to have Window 114 refer to something new than it is to have numbers visually out of sequence in the plan.  Late additions just get the first available number.  I use letters to refer to types - so I can not do A.B - and the 113.5 is more confusing than a number out of sequence.  I think having 113, 138, 114 is the best of bad choices. 

THere is also a paid plugin called Smart Sequencer I think that allows you to re-number - rename objects in your file.  It is not perfect as it tries to gauge which object it should number next - but all - in - all I have been happy with it.

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For large scheme development, I would suggest that standard practice for numbering of windows (and doors too), would be to use the following format:


Bldg/Block (if more than one, say: A, B, C etc) - Window/Door (W/D) - Floor (01, 02, 03 etc) - Apartment number (01, 02, 03 etc) - Window/Door Number (01, 02, 03 etc), which would give you the below example:



or W2-05-01 for short, or even W2.05.01 / W2.5.1

this makes adding / deleting windows (or doors) much easier later on if required.


just a thought for a lovely grey Thursday 😉

Kind regards anton


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Absolutely. The objects stay exactly the same and you can choose which fields to change, add prefixes etc. Loads of functionality. Just tried it here for windows and doors and it works a treat.


Josh’s plug-ins were initially aimed at the entertainment lighting market and most still are, but this one works for all disciplines within Vectorworks.


There is a demo on his website.

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