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Keep interior Elevation viewports associated with markers when moving between sheets



It would be very helpful if there were some solution to interior elevation viewports dis-associating with their markers when copying to different sheet layers.  It would be fine if the move had to be accomplished by going to the elevation marker itself and specifying a new sheet layer, as long as all viewport annotation items are retained.


As it is, if I want to change the sheet layer for an interior elevation VP, I need to create a new marker pointing to the desired sheet, and then copy all annotation layer items and any crops to the new viewport, which is irritating and time consuming.


It's pretty common that we end up needing to reorganize our elevation sheets as we move through the phases, usually as new elevations become important due to finish choices.

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does that preserve or re-establish links with interior elevation markers though (I don't think it does)?  I'll experiment, but a big part of what I'm interested in is preserving links with markers for drawing coordination.


I know I can basically turn those interior elevation viewports into standard sections, but that kinda defeats the purpose...

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I have this problem all the time. The tool is not fool proof. When someone in office is told to move some interior elevation viewports to different sheet, and have done it by copy-pasting it, the tag stays in place and gets dissociated with any viewport by become just a lame dummy tag with no way to associate again with any viewport.

I would like to have the tag to be smarter an more flexible. It would be nice that it was something like section/elevation tag, that can be placed in annotation layer, but could be moved out of section line (our office drawing standard place interior tags on the edge of drawing, bellow space tag). 

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Has anyone found a way to get the interior elevation tag to re-link to the viewports? A coworker rearranged the file and used the copy and paste method instead of the OIP sheet layer method and all the tags show nothing but an incorrect sheet number. 

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