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Unfortunately that isn't the sound i'm talking about.  That sound control is for the clicks that vectorworks gives off when you rollover buttons.  Windows has a warning sound that vectorworks triggers whenever I label something or force select a layer.  it's always been this way, but I would previously turn my volume down.  I have a new setup, and I like to have my volume up with music playing.  I need this incessant sound to stop.

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Fairly certain it can be done, but has to be done on the Windows end:

1) Open the Control Panel.

2) In the Control Panel, click or Hardware and Sound. Click Sound. In the Sound window click the Sounds tab.

3) In the Program Events section, find the sound you want to disable or change. Then, in the drop-down list in the Sounds section, select (None) if you want to disable the sound or select a different sound file if you want to change the sound.

4) Click OK and Save or Yes if prompted or to save the settings for the currently selected Sound Scheme.

I'm pretty sure the item you're looking for is "Exclamation" or "System Notification" which is what Vectorworks keeps triggering.

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Why not simply disable all windows sounds in the sound settings? It will disable all application beeps and bleeps while sound produced by the software itself (e.g. music player, VoIP phone etc.) remains unaffected. Generally I don't want any application to produce sounds (e.g. e-mail pings etc.) unless it is an essential part of its functionality (again the music player, VoIP phone etc.).

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