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Issues with updating new Hafele Handles

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

you would need to add them to the defaults>Cabinet - Handles>Cabinet Pulls.vwx for the tool to "see" them.  One thing to take into consideration, sometimes other formats come in as mesh, which can add to rendering time and file size.  with lots of pulls, this can grind a render to a halt.  the ones in that file are from Hafele, admittedly back in 2008.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Here is the file. For non-interiorcad users: Use the Symbol insertion tool to place the handles. The red drillings will turn black only if the handle is placed on an eligible object (i.e. an interiorcad 3D custom part). If you use simple extrudes, no CNC drilling information is passed on.


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Hi Stephan,


I think he's wondering how the Click 2 CAD function to interiorcad is working?

It's good interiorCAD has all these handles with machining on but if we need a random object from the Häfele catalog, it would be nice if the Click2CAD works.


I did a test and it also didn't work for me. 




Click2CAD prepares the data from the website, downloads some files




and then its ready.




But I don't see anything in Interiorcad. Not on my active layer, not in the resource browser. Where did the item go? Or how does this thing work?



Thank you,




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@Armari InteriorsI'm posting a reply to a private conversation here so everybody can see the answer. You asked how to create a drilling that will go through both the drawer front and the drawer box front of the cabinet.

The "derive Part" is legacy technology, as is the cabinet "Classic". My best advice is to start using the new system, which was designed to allow any custom milling. I have made a quick video to show you how to achieve what you need. This will work fine in interiorcad 2017, too.


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are there any important steps I need to take for the migration to vectorwork 2018, interiorcad 2018 and vectorwop 2018.


please advise if there are any unique configuration I need to update for a successful migration. 


I will also backup my files before the upgrade. Any advice will be appreciated. 




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Hi all,

I have had a long conversation with "Haefele" support about ClickToCad-AddIn and the problems described above. After some weeks the answer was, that it does NOT work correctly / reliable on WIN 10 and they don´t know when the probs will be fixed....I am following Stephan Moenninghoffs advice to paste a step - model an add the drillings, punctures, etc. manually.  Please note, that Haefele CAD-data offers you to add drillings and routings, but they only add some geometry and no "drilling 3D" or "routing 3D" as they are used in interiorcad, so you have to add those on your own no matter which way you prefer. The STEP - data has also great advantage concerning file size...

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