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Truss hanging parallel under truss?


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I'm trying to hang a truss in line under another truss running in the same direction. Braceworks won't do it. It will attache the other truss that's crossing under. I can't attach where I've drawn the purple line. They are in line with each other. The truss crossing in the screen shot is not connected, just looks like it.



Thanks, Scott2018-03-09_22-52-14.thumb.jpeg.09ee478375e420c6bb145b8e82bc9cff.jpeg

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The truss has to be EXACTLY in line with each other. AND, there needs to be enough vertical distance to allow a hoist to fit between them.

To align the truss, I copied the X or Y position from one to the other. When I first drew the truss, I think I had one just slight off so I could still see in in plan view.

I've not played with it, but what bothers me about the exact centerline alignment is; what if I want to hang one truss from the front or rear cord of the top truss? More playing is needed when I'm not under my current deadlines.


Best, Scott

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