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Trouble with drawing a Architechural Style

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Hello All,


I have a project that requires a rendering of an existing room.  The level of detail in the room and some of the design elements are beyond my current abilities.  Particularly the Windows and doors are inset. I have attached a photo.


Any suggestions on how I might recreate this style would be appreciated.


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@Kevin FriddellHi see file attached, one is an AUS/NZ window which shows the curved head. Not sure how to get a low curve in the normal window tool. Can get a large curve but not door head.

Am sure someone will give you a better one but this should get you started. Look at door and window setting.


On this one i cant seem to bring the sidelight bottom reveals up to align with doors. I guess you may have to turn off all the sidelight frames etc and model it in. also the lacework to the highlight i would model that with EAP and place it in.







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