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Lumion and Renderworks. What do you think?

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Today, I've just begin the test of Lumion3D.  In general I hate new software because I've to learn everything from scratch, too much time not enough hours in one day..

But, after 2 hours I've created som rendering image in very short time.  Lumion is very intuitive.  I export to collada et import it with plants, textures in Lumion, and I adapt very easily what I want, for example grass and leaves.


When rendering time is about 1 hour in RW, the same scene, with more détails (fog, ray light, sun light and other param) takes about 30second in Lumion.  

Renderworks is a good software but in term of time, it's prehistoric...


With Renderworks : 1hours and 30 minutes (If i add a spot and Fog, rendering time is about 4Hours...):



Test with Lumion, Rendering time 30seconds.


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Yes windows only I think.


I've taking a look to Keyshot, it seems less oriented "nature".  As a landscape architect, I absolutely need realistic nature materials.



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Twinmotion is mac and windows compatible and similar to Lumion. Quick and intuitive. Full functional demo on their site.

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Wow, it's seems cool too, I'll try this with the same file to test.



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Faster but I have to do a test to know exactly.

But i Need Grasses, a garden without grasses is not a garden :-)  Or I've to play with grass symbol instead of textures but it increase dramaticaly the file size, and the comfort in navigation...



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