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Existing Trees Symbols Disappeared

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New version of Vectorworks, first attempt at using it, of course something goes wrong that I can't figure out.


I am adding existing trees to a design and start out by just using the default generic circle symbol. Once they are all in I decide I want to change a few to the slightly more interesting overlapping circles option. For the record I don't utilize the Existing Trees feature to its maximum potential (I don't even label the trees or differentiate species). It isn't needed for my job. I just use it to create the symbols so the crew know which existing trees will remain on site.


I go to change the first symbol I want by going into the 2D Properties window on the Object Info Panel to swap out and it works as usual. I go to the next tree in the same manner and suddenly the option I just used is gone. I can't find the existing tree symbol I just used anywhere. I close the program and reopen it to see if that helps and now the symbols have changed again only this time they are the green filled in options. All the simple line drawings are completely gone. I have tried closing out the program, rebooting my Mac, and hunting around in the resources folder for my old existing trees symbols but they are gone. What gives?  

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Is no one else having an issue with existing trees in the 2018 version of VW? When I try to change the 2D symbol to a different option all sorts of weird things are happening. It defaults to a dashed line symbol and anything else I try to swap to vanishes from the document completely. I am not doing anything differently than I have in previous versions and I don't see that there were any changes to the way existing trees works. Is there something I am missing? 

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