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Complex Hardscape elevations



Something I have been researching for a while and cannot find the answer is the creation of complex and easily created hardscapes, with the opportunity to have different elevations at each vertex. Much in the same way as you create a 3D polygon.


One workflow might be:


Create 3d polygon with different elevations at different vertexes > Create objects from shapes > Hardscapes




Use stake tools to modify hardscapes in the same way they do a site model.


This would improve the BIM workflow for Landmark immeasurably and move us on from simplistic modelling of external surfaces, to correct modelling which aligns with topographic information outside of our site and not under our control.


Yes this can be created with site models but they cannot be utilised in the same way hardscapes can.


Alternatively, If I have missed a trick here, please guide me in the right direction.


Many Thanks,



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Yes, I suppose the best way is to create the slope on the site model and then use the hardscape as a texture bed modifier.  

I have been trying to work out how to use the slope modifier on the hardscape tool from the Vectorworks help page but it's almost impossible to see what is on the images and work out how to do it - is there a tuition video or any tips on this?  

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Thanks for the feedback Jonathan


Vectorworks knows how to create a fold line as this is done when creating site models in exactly the same way. Hardscapes are more useful as they can be read in 2D and 3D with differing hatches, build ups, textures etc. BUT, the sloping mechanism is clunky and only takes into account 4 levels essentially. 


Creating individual triangles may work for small areas but can very quickly become incredibly time consuming if one level changes on complex projects. It also splits down what should be one object into numerous objects, creating further problems exporting to IFC and then to COBie.







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