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Home fixtures and Pan / tilt / color controls

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Is there a way to "home" moving lights in Vision?  Better yet, is there a way to have the fixtures pre-homed when imported from VW?  Second question.  How do I control moving lights in vision?  I.e., pan/tilt/color/gobo, etc?  there is the ability to shutter/iris/etc my conventionals, I just haven't figured out how to do this for my movers/leds. When getting real work done, I have a dedicated computer with vision connected to my ETC ION and everything works great.  But for just a quick look see, it would be really helpful to have these controls.


Thanks much,



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Pat!


To home fixtures in Vision, the fixtures need to be sent DMX to home (when you patch them in, the console automatically sends 50% to pan and tilt), Vision fixtures will act exactly like actual movers will when they aren't getting DMX - they will point down to their bases. 


To control lights (including turning them on, rolling in gobos, etc) you would need to either plug in a console, or you could use an offline editor. The current versions of the ETC offline software work just fine. Just set them to braodcast either artnet or sACN and you have full control. Just keep in mind, with most offline editors, if you don't have a wing, or a license for the software, you will get a quick blackout blink every minute or 2 (this is kind of a passive-agressive way of console manufacturers telling you to buy and use a console - it will happen with real lights too.)


Now, for why we don't have a built-in console. There are no open source consoles. So basically, if we were to make a console, none of the changes you made could be imported by a real desk. It's possible to create some function to control moving heads - but I assume it would take a hefty amount of time to implement - for not a whole lot of usability. 


I'd totally recommend the etc offline editor though, you can import your showfile from it into your Ion when you're done too!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No problemo!


Nope, no specific IP address. They should be in the same subnet (i.e. Both 192.168.X or 10.0.0.X) but if you just leave everything to DHCP they will be by default. Luckily, most manufacturers seem to have done away with the specific IP addresses. 


But yeah, you've got it then, just tell the offline to send something and vision to listen for it (DMX>Change DMX Provider). If they're on the same computer, they just connect auto-magically. 

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