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Edit 3D Symbol While on Sheet Layer

Andy Broomell


When editing the 3D component of a Symbol via the Resource Manager while on a Sheet Layer, you should be taken to a true 3D editing space instead of being somehow stuck on the 2D sheet layer. For example, the Current View dropdown doesn't work, along with various other 3D functions. So you have to exit the symbol editing mode, switch to an arbitrary design layer, then find the symbol again in the RM and edit it. This is convoluted and unnecessary. Just let us edit the 3D component the way one would expect :)



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I'm always trying to edit 3d portions of symbols when in sheet layers. You can nearly do it, but never enough! It would be really helpful if Vectorworks could rationalise this. We have to remember enough when using this software. It would be great if this was one less thing to remember not to do.

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As far as I'm concerned this is a BUG and I would encourage everyone to submit it. Editing a symbol should automatically behave as if you've switched back to the Design Layers. VW should be smart enough to know what's happening (and why do we need a second symbol editing mode anyway, its extraneous). Even when I edit a symbol in the Resource Manager by right clicking and choosing "Edit 3d Component", if I'm on a sheet layer I get the "2d" sheet layer edit mode. Sigh..... broken as designed.




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