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2D / 3D-only display for PIOs

Andy Broomell


I’d like to ability to suppress any Plug-In Object to display as 2D-only or 3D-only. For example, I often end creating symbols that contain both custom 3D geometry along with a PIO (such as a Television object, Truss, Lighting Device, or Window). I often want this to a be a 3D-only symbol, but the included PIO forces it to become a hybrid symbol which then only displays the 2D PIO and none of the my 3D geometry (when in Top/Plan).


A current workaround is to “Convert to Group” leaving just the 3D portion of the PIO, but this of course takes away parametric editing.


This could be a simple dropdown in the OIP that says “Display” with the options of “2D,” “3D,” and “2D/3D.” [The Railing/Fence tool is already partway there.] You can always get back the 2D display later by just changing this dropdown. Or vice verse.


Now that I think about it, this would also be handy for 2D/3D symbols. Have you ever wanted to rotate a hybrid symbol on the Z axis but Vectorworks says "No!"? Simply change the symbol instance's Display to 3D only, et voilà :). Then this doesn't mess up other instances of that symbol.

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With all the various iterations of plug-ins Vectorworks has become a little inconsistent in its implementation of features. The new truss tool offers this kind of function and the ability to turn off 2D is really welcome. You are right, adding this to all hybrid/plug-in objects would be really useful.

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