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Compound Curves? Spiral Curves?

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I'm using 2013 and trying to draw some curves, I'm not sure the exact terminology but something like a the top of a french curve or a compound curve.  I'm drawing railway track plans and I want curves with gentle easements, not set radius curves.  So like a curve that starts out gentle but gets sharper as it goes until it reaches a set desired radius.  I've mess around with the spiral tool but can't figure out how to get the results I want.  The oval tool seems perfect except I don't wan to draw a full oval.  I've had some luck making an arc, converting it to a polygon then just stretching it out, but that's imprecise  and most of my curves are not simple 90 degree affairs.


Am I missing a tool or there just isn't really an option?  I've had some luck just drawing many small arcs and decreasing the radius on each arc in sequence but that's a pain in the butt.

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Try the Poyline tool. There are several different settings you can try. The Bezier or Spline options might be what you are looking for.

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Can you use the Oval tool, trim away the parts you don't need using the Trim Tool and then use the Compose command to connect your curves? Note that the Quarter Arc tool draws quarter sections of ovals when you aren't constraining it to an arc.




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On 25/02/2018 at 10:50 PM, baronjutter said:

I'm drawing railway track plans and I want curves with gentle easements, not set radius curves


Interesting project. How does this work though? Would be interested to know more - but don't explain too much - my head, like Homer's, can only take so much before I lose something.


I would have assumed (I know nothing!!) that if this work is for railways there would be some specific legislation or code that you have to design to (to to avoid derail?). And (further assuming!!) this would be tied to the rolling stock spec.


So in the above scenario there might be a 'template' you could (or should) setup to give you some specific control points when using the polyline tool (which is I think the best option for you - as others have said) Sometimes its worth setting up this type of geometry even if the first instance takes a bit of your time, so you can use it over and over thereafter.


But you seem to be saying that you will create 'by eye'. Kudos (or is this for a model railwayB|)

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