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Hi guys,

I face a few minor title-block issues. In my attempt to import an image into my Sheet Layer most of the tiomes times it was importing it as a resourcing image and sometimes as a bitmap. The problem is that suddenly the image I had in the title-block changed to the one that I was importing - instead of having the logo of the company I am working. I deleted the whole titleblock and I copied it from another file but even that is not working cause every time I am updating an information on the title-block the logo changes to that image. Another issue is that in my work they use to have a previous version of Vectorworks and now they have upgrade to 2018, where the previous title-block does not seem to respond very well. I have tried to scale it down from A1 to A3 but it 's not working. Have you faced something similar? I believe for the first issue there is some setting I don't know about since I am new to vectorworks.


Thank you!

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Hello ANNAB,


If, after watching the video from above, you still have these issues, could you attach a file and maybe a screen recording showing the issues?


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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Hello Nikolay,

Unfortunately, I can not upload the file. But I can show you what my issue is. So there is an image with the normal logo on the title block and one when automatically it is replaced with another image. I believe there should be a link/reference setting that gives this order to replace the log on the top with this inaccurate image.




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Hello AnnaB,


I have tried to reproduce the issue, but could not. It would be great if you could make a screen recording showing the issue or make a demo file, where the issue is happening, that you could share and attach here.



Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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