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Crash on Purge

Andy Broomell


Just wanted to put it out there that about 5% of the time when I go to Tools<Purge, Vectorworks crashes (when clicking OK after previewing items to purge). Haven't been able to figure out the rhyme or reason as to why, but it's been doing it for years across different files and computers. Always at that same point in the process.


Just curious if anyone else has encountered the same issue.

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Definitely happening on my end as well ... really annoying.


Apart from saving a file before using the Purge command, I now also create a duplicate file and save it with a new file name something like ' Project Name - Duplicate prior to Purge & Date... "


This way I can always go back in case I changed my mind or just want to double check on some things.


Cheers, Grethe

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