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Looking for applying textures to door parts tutorial

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I have two door types in a model, they are Plug In Door Styles, one is a single panel door & the other is a double 3-0 french doors with muntins. I applies a Wood Board Pine Md RT texture to the class door rails & stiles. I do not see anywhere on how to rotate the texture image between the rails & the stiles. In my model it shows the wood grain all going the same direction which is not correct, it should be horizontal in the rails & vertical in the stiles. With only being able to select the class for both rails & stiles I do not see it possible to have the wood grain going different directions with both components being in one class.

Any suggestions ?

Render Image #2a.jpg

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Thanks Resuelvectorworks, I thought of that & tried it by making a duplicate texture & then rotating it 90 degrees, got a different result than I thought I would, I need to look into this more. Also, with the door tool setting grouping the rails & stiles into one class I see not way of having two different textures between the two components. I'm going to try & build my own door panels with separate components and applying the textures to each & see if this resolves it.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Hi Dubman,


Because of the way the door or window is actually created (it's just a simple extrude), there is no differentiation between rails and stiles.  You can "explode" the door and create a custom door but you'll loose the parametrics.



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On 23/02/2018 at 11:46 AM, Dubman said:

I'm going to try & build my own door panels with separate components and applying the textures to each & see if this resolves it.


If you're going to construct your own door leaf(s) - this might be worth a look.

Once again, a very useful VW 'how-to'..




Let us know how it goes.

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Something one might keep in mind is the mapping of extrudes as per creation.

The texture of a  2x4 extruded 72 inches will map differently than a 4x72 extruded 2 inches.


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Thanks to all!

I understand in making my own door panels I would have to make same at the different standard sizes. I'll just start saving them as the size is needed. I've made some before but they all where painted.

I have seen the Creating Custom Door Leaf before but will be reviewing it before making one, thanks.

I do need to work more with textures when rotated & on extruded components.

Unfortunately I got pulled away from that project & started another, but will get back to it. I did have time to add & do changes, then rendered to print. My 2 superiors were impressed of the image quality compared to the other person SketchUp version. I look forward in getting my new computer being built so I can do the set rendered in faster times. Especially for quick changes which seems to be the norm!


Thanks again and really appreciate this community board for support!



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