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How to model a site that has an existing retaining wall

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Hi there, 


I'm learning about site modelling in Vectorworks and I have  question about site modifiers. I'm trying to model a site that has an existing retaining wall. As I'm quite new to VW and maybe this is the incorrect approach but, I went ahead and made a Wall object with the appropriate elevations and then used the "Create Retaining Wall Site Modifier" to modify the terrain on either side of this wall. This 'existing' retaining wall passes through an area where I want to modify the proposed site model that is within a Grade Limit boundary. This is where I found out that you cannot overlap two site modifiers over each other without getting errors and unintended modelling results. 


My question therefore is when modelling an existing site,  how do I model an existing retaining wall or similar other structural feature - that runs through an area where I'll be making proposed site modifications -  in such a way that does not require the retaining wall involving a Site Modifier? This will allow me to avoid having two site overlapping site modifiers.


I've attached a quick site model I made where I placed in a wall into the area where I'm making proposed site model changes resulting in the errors.


Hopefully this question makes sense! Thanks everyone for your thoughts!



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Typically the existing DTM is generated from the source data inside the DTM. Right click on the DTM and click on edit source data. Add 3d locii or 3d polys to create the terrain on either side of your existing retaining wall.


The proposed DTM is generated from site modifiers placed externally. In that way the proposed modifiers can "overlap" the same terrain as the extg source data.

If you are still confused I could look at your file that you attached but you would have to save it as a VW2017 file for me.


There's been a couple of other threads on site modelling recently you might want to check out too.



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