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Removing Vectorworks default library Items

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Im new to the Vectorworks forum and I have a question about the vector works standard libraries. I am doing an overhaul of our vectorworks library and workflow.


I would like to remove the standard template and classes list that pop up when you start a new document / add new classes through the organisation palette. I have favourites for office specific classes and templates but it would be great to only see them in the list rather than all the VW standard ones?


Does anyone have a fix for this?


Many thanks, Sophie

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Are you on Mac or Windows? If you go here:

/Applications/Vectorworks 2018/Libraries/Defaults/Templates

\Program Files\Vectorworks 2018\Libraries\Defaults\Templates


and here:


/Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Defaults/Templates

and delete (or move elsewhere) the .sta files you don't want to see, they shouldn't show up in the list after restarting the application.

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Thanks Jim!


I am on Mac and that's exactly what I was looking for. I was in Application Support rather that  Applications and all the default folders were empty so was scratching my head. 


I assume it's still best to leave my custom sta. files in: .../Library/Application Support/Vectorworks/2018/Libraries/Defaults/Templates ?


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I just put in a presentation abstract to talk about this at the Design Summit in November.


Basically if you duplicate the folder structure in the Libraries:Defaults in the Application Folder in either the Workgroup or User folder, you can control the Default Content that will show.


To add additional content add a VW file containing the Resources you want to see with a different file name.


To replace the existing content, put a file with the same name as what exists in the Application folder and remove the items you don't want.

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