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Different colors on the same wall

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Is it possible to give a wall different colors/textures on the same component?

I have a 10 meter long wall, that i like to give 3 different colors. the first 2 meter in red, 2 m eter in green and 6 m in blue.


Is this possible on the same wall?

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That was also my first thought.
It do also work, but then when i create a slab of these walls, it is kind of not link to the three walls.


When i move the blue or red wall, the slab follow, but when i move the green or all three, the slab converts to "manual" and break the link.


(See my file)



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@Mikedk64Hi If i move any wall in top plan view or iso all walls take the slab with them. If in 3D i move the green wall from the middle of wall it detaches from slab, move from end of green wall slab follows.

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I find the following works well;


1 Draw 3d model

2 Create interior elevation viewports

3 Add colours in viewports by tracing 2d polygons and applying the colours you want

4 Group the polygons

5 Copy said polygons into model, rotate and place on 3d walls



Been using 3d skirting plug-in too, which is great to get skirtings drawn on before you do the above.



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Being able to set different Materials for a single Component,

like you can do for an standard overall Wall, not controlled by Component,

would be great !


(I said this a few times already)

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