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Slab edge

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Hi, "This is a repost from ealier. I didnt get any answers, so i thought to try again" :)


I have this floor made of following layers, Sand, concrete and tiles.

The two first layers is just flat and wall to wall. But the tile layer has to have a virtical edge. In my test file, did I use the slab tool with the three layers, and afterwards did I make a 3D object, added

that to the slab and so on.

My problem is, that the top layer (tile layer) dosent follow the wall anymore. So is there a way to make the little edge, and still keep the auto-bound to the the wall?

I do also need to have a drain in the floor (like in the file)


I have attached a file, with my example.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Mike,

The vertical edge of the tile is a slab modifier. Modifiers do not associate with slab edges and remain in their position when the slab boundary changes. The only way to fix this is to right-click on the slab and choose the "Edit Modifiers" contextual command. If you have the "show others while in groups" pref on, you will be able to see the slab object so you can move the modifier objects into their new position.


The drainage can be edited in the same way as the modifiers by right-clicking on the slab and choose the "Edit Drainage" contextual command. However, you must be in op/Plan view to edit the drainage.

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