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Class nightmare

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I created a couple of new classes in my project. All objects (numbering in the thousands) in the "None" class on every layer, including windows embedded in walls and layer links, were converted to one of my new classes. All of my saved views were converted to having this new class as the active class. I'm still fixing all of this after several hours. Anyone have an explanation for this occurrence, other than one terrible bug?

More odd behavior: my new class shows up unexpectedly in the Select Wall Type plug-in - a wall type I created was given this default class assignment automatically. Also, if I delete a class in the project, objects that were assigned to that class are now assigned to the new class instead of to "None." And operations involving display of objects in this new class are very sluggish - e.g., bringing up a view with a layer link to the layer containing the object.

VW 10.5.1


[ 07-26-2004, 03:23 AM: Message edited by: P Retondo ]

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Is the problem that objects moved to one of the new classes after being created, or that they are in the none class?

I am a little confused as to what the problem is exactly.

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Katie and Petri, you are both right, in a way - it is confusing, and it is just as though I had renamed the "None" class - but I didn't. Just created a new class, and everything that was "None" before became the newly created class: 1) all objects assigned to "None" were reassigned, 2) all defaults set to "None" were changed, 3) all saved views set to Active Class = "None" were changed. "None" class was changed from visible to invisible in all saved views. This was all done by the program on its own in very little time, and it took me 6 hours to fix.

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You can add me to this club. I created a new class. I then made it the active class. I then drew a polygon and it does not have the active class but has the class of none.

In other words, my new class does not work.



[ 07-27-2004, 07:23 PM: Message edited by: Kevin ]

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Bruce, I just went to check the file size to see if I could email it to you. I was amazed that it is over 100,000K! Could this by itself be the problem?

The large size must be from creating exterior elevations. I used "Convert Copy to Line" to create exteror elevation views. They are taking far longer than usual to execute.

The only difference in this model that I can see is that I have some wrought iron railing that I created out of extruded polylines.

Clearly this file is too large to send to you. What shall I do?

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Further on this problem: when I create a group, it is assigned to my new problem class, instead of to the active class.

Bruce, I think you responded some time ago to a similar problem with corrupt or problem classes in a file containing a large number of objects similar to Kevin's. As I recall, you said something about a list being too large - I'll check my old emails to be more specific.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

P Retondo,

I think the problem I referred to a while back has been fixed for v11.

Anyway, I have looked at Kevin's file and have duplicated the problem. For some reason, it seems to only occur on the Mac.

I will enter a bug for it and investigate it for a future release.


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It looks like it just has trouble setting one of the classes you told me about to be the active class. So to create an object in one of those classes, you need to create it in another class and then change the class of the object through the class popup on the OI palette.

On further investigation, it looks like the problem is just with choosing one of those classes on the databar class popup. For the hatch-brick class, you can create a saved view with the hatch-brick class as the active class, and then you can set the hatch-brick class to be active by selecting that saved view. Then you can create new objects in that class.

Also this does not seem to be a recent bug. I exported your file to VW 10, and I saw the problem in VW 10.5.

I hope this helps.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

P Retondo,

After reading your original post, I think your problem is different than Kevin's. If you can duplicate the problem you saw (obviously with a "scratch" version of your file, so you won't need to fix it), please send me a file with instructions for how to duplicate the problem.


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