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DXF Import Issues


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Am attempting to import some DXF files. They are saved as early version. In this case the import completes with no errors but there's nothing to see, click or select.
Have tried select all and zoom selection. Appears to be nothing there.
Anyway to diagnose this issue?


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Hi @ensta (just checking) I assume you realise that your imported dxf will have been given a design layer of its own (ok - doubt it's that, but had to ask) and, unless you've checked import options to suit your expectations, you might have imported a model that has 'disappeared' by being too small or now way off centre with the 'world' you are working with.


Also, check the usual - visibilities of classes and layers etc.


Its always more complicated though.......


Worst case - send the dxf and someone will import it for you and provide the VW file. Your system details and version would be good to help this.

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Are you trying to import all the DXF files at ones, using the Import DXF/DWG or DWF menu command? If you are batch importing all the files, then you might want to check the Destination: Current File, Symbols in Current File, New Files in Folder. If you are importing as symbols in current file, only symbol definitions will be created; if you are creating new files in folder, then you will not have anything imported into the current document and you have to open created documents to see the graphics.


You could send an example DXF so I could check what happens.

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