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Custom worksheet functions with Python - restricted to Design Series?

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Been looking for some definitive info on vectorworks.net and a bit of googling too. Thought I'd just ask instead.


Are custom worksheet functions that you call using the RUNSCRIPT() worksheet function excluded from Fundamentals???



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At least in 2016 when worksheet scripts were introduced, they were available in Fundamentals. I would assume that they are still available in 2018, but I have not tested.


You could test using a simple script using the DisableModules VS command to temporarily change the version you have to Fundamentals.


If you test, please report back on your results.


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Well yes... I tried that VS function and worksheet scripts stubbornly execute. This has got me pretty puzzled.

All over the world there are people happily running my worksheet scripts and there are just two who report that the scripts don't run.

And they are both in Greece - it's gotten beyond weird... BUT it may lead to something very interesting indeed.


Thanks Pat !!!


Conrad - the Greenhorn ;-)

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The warning dialog when you first run a worksheet script has a Don't Ask Again option.


Could those users have clicked No about running scripts and had the Don't Ask option set?


The only way to reset it is to go to VW Preferences, Session Tab and click the Reset Saved Setting button. Make sure the "Always do the selected action choices" check box is liked and click OK.  This will reset ALL of the Always do options, so they will see some extra dialogs for a while, but it should not take very long to get them reset to the way they like their system.

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Thanks for your thoughts Pat, I think it does come down to saves settings. But in any case custom worksheet scripts are slow as old boots so I'm going back to my old way of doing it. Super-fast slick VectorScript !!!

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