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1 hour ago, bc said:

Isn't the problem that the plug-in is currently obsolete, either with regard to VW 2019-2020 or to the fact that it is not current with Velux models?


I would say the plug-in is not compatible with 2019 and later.  However, I don’t know if new Velux models have been introduced that the plug-in cannot produce.

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Imagine my excitement when I read this mention of velux rooflights this morning:




Well, it's true that there are now some velux rooflights in there, but they are just the "flat roof" types and not the widely used pitched roof types. They aren't parametric in any way - separate 3d symbol for each product/version.


It's better than nothing.


Would be great to have the full range of pitched roof ones including all of the flashing and internal reveal elements that go with them. Even if I had to manually rotate and insert them into holes cut in roof faces. If they were parametric in some extent, meaning that I could do stuff like set the pitch in the OIP, or easily flip between different sizes without replacing the object, all the better. It would save an enormous amount of design time.

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