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Architect Font Problem

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Win98SE, VW 10.5.1 Landmark

Is there a way to universally change all text to a particular font within a file?

I installed a freeware font called Architect--as you might expect, it resembles a precise hand lettered drafting style font. Problem is that within VW, it is very difficult to read--the lettering is simply too fine.

So my idea is that I could create the plan with Arial or other easy to read font, then when I'm ready to print, change it all to the Architect font.

Will Niccolls

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You can use the font mapping in VW Prefs>Display.

Set Architect to map to Ariel. When it's time to print, delete the font mapping. When you want to draw again, change it.

You can also use custom selection to select text blocks and change the text blocks. However, this won't change the font in dimensions and other objects that have text in them but are not type text objects.

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Just use 'Control-A' to select all and then select the font. Everything will change including all dimensions. No matter what method you use you may have to adjust text size also to make it legible as some fonts are larger/smaller than others.

Select all works within a layer so you may have to change layer by layer.

Works for me and then I don't have to remember to back to VW>Prefs each time.

Good Luck,


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That font, "Architect", was also distributed as a TrueType font under the name "Write", and there was a separate font file for a bold version of Write, called WriteBold. If you select WriteBold as the font, and set VW's "Style" parameter to "Plain", it prints nicely and also is highly readable on the screen.

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Hmmm.... good question. I didn't realize till you asked that it's not available now.

I found it on a CD called "Expert CD Fonts", which I bought about 10 years ago from the $10 software rack alongside the checkout lane at some computer or office supply store. I see that Expert Software was bought by a company called Activision, which appears to sell only games. And I can't find it at any shareware or font sites.

If you're interested, I'll e-mail it to you. It's 29k when zipped. Send me an e-mail address by private message.

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Thanks for the replies. I'll experiment with the suggestions and see what works best.

The font download included an ARCHB.TTF file for the bold version. This doesn't appear in the fonts text list, so I guess its only used when you use bold formatting. This helps somewhat but not much.

Katie, the fonts in dimensions do change when I select them and use the font menu.

The font is freely distributable, I'll be happy to email the TTF files to anyone who wants them. It was designed by Hank Gillette and inspired by Adobe's "Tekton" font.


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