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Braceworks: Forcing a connection


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I am making a similar octagon, but with fixed corners. Had to play with the "Customize" features until I got the geometry correct.  I used the "Edit 2D Symbol" option to take as exact measurements as I could for L1, L2 and L3, and then make minor adjustments with the "Customize" button in the OIP.


I'm struggling now with Braceworks coming back with "The static system could not be calculated".  All connections are being made, and the motors are connecting properly.  Frustrating when it tells me there is a problem, but won't tell me what it is.

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Thanks for the vid.  That confirms I was building my corners similarly enough.  I've re-created 2 different brands, Total Structures and Show Solutions.  Here is a smaller file with the samples of what I've built so far.  Both corners, the geometry works to get them to connect, but the octagon with the total structures corners "cannot be calculated".  


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Audio doesn't connect. It's a note in the install readme file. I don't think screens work yet either. Lights do work. I've been converting my truss runs into hanging positions and they attach. If you want to edit the truss run, you double click on the hanging position and you can then edit as needed.

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I've been attaching lights without to converting to hanging positions.  It just limits me to hanging them on the centerline of the truss instead of being able to hang them front or back, bottom or top cord.  I'm going to try the hanging position way next.  The thread discusses how the screen attaches but not the projector, and so far I have found the opposite to be true.


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This was a fantastic thread.  But just out of curiosity are you trying to actually calculate braceworks paperwork from this octagon?


If so, you have to realize that the cross sections are not accurate and will likely give you false numbers.  If you are using braceworks at all, make sure all your cross sections are not set to rigid.  If they are, you are getting false numbers.


Is there a hinged plate from a manufacturer that has released its cross section data?


If you are not using it to calculate the loads, what does it matter if it connects or not, just get it close :-)  hah.

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12 hours ago, CETLV said:

But just out of curiosity are you trying to actually calculate braceworks paperwork from this octagon?

Not the full paperwork, just the load info at each hoist. In my first round of testing, I would add 1000# on one side of the non-connected joint and the load was much heavier on that side. The hoist that was just on the other side of the gap didn't register the amount of weight it should have.

Further testing, I've been having better results, but I don't have enough info yet to report.


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cool, as long as you know not to trust the numbers lol.


without the proper cross section data every inch you move that motor in either direction falsely calcs the weight.  until they get this cross section disaster figured out I am not using braceworks at all, I am putting pen to paper on everything.


It seemed in SP2 they focused on all the annoying fixes like auto snapping loads and things, but not actually getting it to calculate correct numbers, granted they cant calculate what they dont have as far as manufacturers go, so its a pass on that front.  but no bridles, no ground support, only a few european truss manufacturers in the database, missing motor speeds (which is really huge in figuring force with starts and stops)  inability to put in things like ribbon grids, fixed points to attach to just things like that have made this from my view an extremely ambitious but very flawed launch.  I used braceworks for a massive GS over CES this year and with 3400 ft of truss, 160 some motors, spanners, bridles etc it was a nightmare... 


I bet when it all gets figured out its gonna be awesome though. 

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