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Select 3D polygons + Extrude all downwards to Z value 0

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I have a large complex model of existing buildings and I was trying to simplfy it. All faces of every building are modeled as 3D polygons (it was an import from a DWG)


It occurred to me that I could simplfy it by making extrudes or the like but I would need to do something like the following:


Somehow select all horizontal 3D polygons (ie that is all 3D polys where all vertices of the 3D poly are equal in Z value)


Extrude (or Push/Pull) the underside of all those 3D polygons down to Z value 0)


my thinking was that the above would create a solid model of the whole thing, rather than individual triangulated 3D polygons on every face of every building, and remove some of the errors where vertical faces of buildings are missing from the import process.


Is the above possible?

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It's definitely possible, but I think I would have to modify a couple of nodes to pull it off.


Here's a network that works on one 3D poly, it doesn't check that it's planar, but that is doable with some more work. If you add another 3D poly to the document, the script will fail because it won't know when to stop drawing one poly and move on to the next one.


With some work, this script can be modified to do what you want.


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Thank you for replying Marissa.


I am a big fan of your work. We are only just beginning with Marionette and I've found your posts really helpful.

We ran the idea past a Vectorscript guru here in Sydney and they nailed it.


The applications of Marionette at the City / Urban scale that we work at are really exciting. We have been trying to kick off a bit of an R&D cell in collaboration with a few offices here and would love to stay in touch with progress.


Thanks again

Alexander Koll

MAKO Architecture.



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Great! I'm glad you got things figured out.


Please do keep in touch on your Marionette and scripting endeavors (and Vectorworks in general, I love seeing all sorts of projects!)


I'd be more than happy to help you along your journeys whenever you get stuck!

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