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Bridles and Ground Support?


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Soooo, we were told that braceworks would have some actual functionality shortly after its release.  Its still pretty useless to this point.  Hardly any cross sections that US designers can use, no bridles, no ground support.... is it just me or are they waiting for 19 to make us all buy it again?


If This has all been corrected and its actual functional then I stand corrected, and possibly be pointed in the right direction?  So far I have been very disappointed with the product.

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absolutely, I know its not for lack of trying!  I know everyone is working hard.  But I cant help but feel as though I am paying you to be a beta tester.  As for the rigid structure you cannot accurately do that as the numbers are way off as I found in submitting a file to SS for clarification.  Rigid cross sections just do not provide numbers that can be used.  I DO however love the fact that loads are finding their structures, motors are intelligently attaching themselves and a lot of the other bugs that were so frustrating at the launch.  


However I feel that if you found early on that no manufacturers would give you any data perhaps rethink the launch of the product.  Its a very dangerous tool for novice designers.  Had I not known better and not known something was fishy with the numbers given to me with the rigid cross sections, things could have turned ugly.  And no disclaimer can bring back lives.

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