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Wesley Burrows

Service Select Portal Speed

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Does anyone else find the service select portal significantly slower than the rest of VW's site/forums?    I average around 7.6 seconds between clicking a link on there and and having the page delivered.    I'm on a hardwired 1gbps ethernet connected to a 1gbps Google Fiber connection to the internet.   (this is at my home office so I'm not sharing my connection with an office full of people)  so I'm pretty sure it's not my internet  :-) .   The forums and main site are super responsive though.    Just curious.



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It's very slow. Always has been.

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Yes we're on fibre optic at work and our internet connection speeds are blazingly fast.  Yet the VSS portal is noticeably the slowest website I regularly go to.  I bet lots of users never bother going there because it is so tedious...




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