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Basic Tool Pallet and Tool Set Bar always resizing


Since 2018 - every time I open the program the basic tool pallet and the Tool set pallet are always resized to the minimum even after I save new pallet positions. Is there a way to keep these pallets how I want them displayed? This has never been an issue before...

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This is likely nothing you are doing wrong, there is an active bug being tracked related to palettes not maintaining their docked position. Adding this thread to the case.


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This used to happen for me consistently in 2016 and 2017, though 2018 has actually been better for me, thankfully.

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Ah, perfect timing - I just saw your posts above.

I experience a slightly different problem with the tool pallets.


When enlarging a floating tool palette for example the Object Info Palette or Visualisation Palette which are resized to the minimum with a "-" / minus to it, they:


      A - don't accept the change to "+" / Plus to enlarge 

      B - once enlarged they don't accept the change to "-" / Minus to resize


Only when clicking on these for a minimum of 2-3 times they tend to respond. 


Also at times some tool palette kind of 'disappear'.

Meaning for example the Attribute Palette is sitting in the dock but is EMPTY.


So I have to restart the VW program and it shows up again.


Any ideas if this is riding on the same bug you mentioned ?





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Forgot to mention that when you try to resize a tool palette and it shows the '-' / Minus, it still sits there as if it had no change to it and won't bounce up.

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