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Automatic creation of texture from image

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I would like to create Renderworks texture automaticaly from images (png) located in a folder on my disk.

Is it possible?   I've search in the forum, i've found some post about it, but nothing works well, probably because the problem is not the same...


Is there a king of scripting who could create it for me?



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28 minutes ago, Jab_be said:

create Renderworks texture automaticaly from images


Hard to understand this approach Jab.


Texture creation is a reasonably swift excercise and, although I'm no programmer, I can't see a programming approach would deal very well with the myriad of options VW offers to 'finish' the texture correctly for individual use. 


Just taking the scenario of a carpet. You have a png of the carpet you want to use, you 'automate' the creation of the texture and you're happy. Next, you want a png of a particularly attractive piece of ceramic tile - your program can't deal with the need for subtle reflection etc..  or at least not without giving you pop-up choices along the way. You've just reinvented the (VW) wheel, as all the options for convincing textures is within the software you have.  


If, on the other hand, if you'd like help in creating a particular set of textures for a project, then I'm sure there are forum members happy to help - me included. 

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You are completly right Gadzooks, I manually create most of my texture and I adapt them to the projet.


But Here the approach is different : I need import about 1.000 png image to create Props.  Before creating prop, with Marionette, all of the image must be transformed into Texture.

To do this manually will take hours!


That's why i need a script to automate the process.

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Hello, Thanls for your interest !

95% of the problem is resolved but there's still a problem : the transparency of the texture.

In fact, images are all plants like the one in attachement (in original size), they all have an alpha channel wich is the transparency.


Procedure :

I transform all .tiff images into .png images with external software (ABIC) This is not a problem because it's only one time and automatic

Then I run the scripts from DomC, see the post :

After that I "Import arroway textures", from the menu command standard in VW.


But..; the transparency isn't the alpha Channel...





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