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Mark Pigott

Vectorworks Architectural to read others Autocad files

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Firstly, hello and may I say I have been using cad for 25 years, along with 3ds Max,

however I am not an architect.

Our company would  be working close with architect partners, who would probably be using Revit

or Autocad, and I was wondering if we purchased Vectorworks Architech, if I would be able to

edit or add various elements to their drawings that come in.


Bare with me, as this is part of my research for a new CAD package that would be compatible with

externally created Revit files and Autocad files.


We do more system design of CCTV,  audio and video design flow diagrams, etc.


Also, I have read that electrical design is not the forte of Vectorworks?


Please advise, and thanks

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You can import both Revit and AutoCAD files to use as backgrounds for your design. You can then add layers and draw additional information.


If you are doing AV system design, you really should look at Connect-CAD, a plug-in to Vectorworks Architect. https://connectcad.com/


I think this could be a good fit for your needs.

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Revit import does not result in particularly functional objects.  Importing 2D .DWG works reasonably well.  3D objects from other programs can be finicky.


I think your best case scenario in VW is that Revit users would export their sheets to 2D dwg and send to you.  PDF export could also work.  We have a lot of consultants using AutoCAD, and we typically export DWGs specifically formatted for them to use as bases, and we send them a PDF of our drawings as a reference.


I'm pretty sure you will not be able to edit Revit objects and send them back and forth between the programs with any real functionality.  You definitely can't in 2017, and from what I've seen in the forums, 2018 isn't a huge difference in functionality.  They are fundamentally different programs, so this is not that surprising.

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