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I'm trying to make a cropped viewport, by creating a 2-D rectangle on the design layer, then opening the Create Viewport dialogue box, but for some reason I can't specify a sheet to creat eit on, but instead it automatically creates a new one. Unfortunately I can't cut and paste the viewport onto the sheet I want. Suggestions, fellow travellers?

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If you already have a viewport, edit the viewport and select Crop. While in the Edit mode, draw the rectangle, or whatever other object you watn to use for the crop and click on Exit.

If you want to create a viewport with a crop all at one time, on the design layer draw the 2d object. With the 2d object selected, go to View>Create Viewport. YOu'll get a dialog box asking you if you want the selected object to be used as a crop. Select yes.

When you create a viewport, it creates a new viewport every time. The only way to edit properties of a viewport is to go in and edit the crop, annotations, or objects on the Design Layer. You can change the layer and class visibilities in the OIP.

Also, when creating a viewport, a dialog box appears every time. Here you can select the sheet the viewport goes on, along with the name of the viewport, layer and class settings, scale, and several other things.

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so it seems we can only add viewports to Sheet Layers (which I was confusing with Saved Views)--is that correct? So a final drawing is typically constructed out of various viewports. Can they be nested?

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YOu can have multiple viewports on any given sheet layer.

You should check out the Viewport FAQ listed under the FAQ section of the Message Board (above Gen Discussion). In addition, the VW user's guide explains viewports extensively. Between the two resources, most of your viewport questions should be answered.

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