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Matthew Ford

Auto Refresh of Instrument Schedule on Publication


Hi Guys!


We do lighting design for television shows here in L.A.  What we would like to see is a preference in VW that would automatically refresh the Instrument Schedule on a drawing when you go to publish the document.  


We have had instances when we are in a hurry and we make multiple changes to a lighting plot and forget to refresh the instrument schedule and thus the fixture count displayed in the plot is wrong.  The plot gets sent off the lighting vendor and sometimes the difference is missed and we've ended up with the wrong quantity of gear onsite.


We know this is an error in our workflow, but it would be great to have this feature as a safety measure.  The way we would envision the feature is a document preference.  When you go to publish the drawing, a dialog comes up asking if you would like to refresh the instrument schedule.  You say yes or no, and then the publishing continues.




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My understanding is that if you check the reset all plug-ins box from the publish command, then that will reset the instrument summary tool as well. Hope that works for you.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 20.10.12.png

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