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Vectorwork Spotlight Fast And Final Render Problem



Hi All,

I'm trying to visualise some of my Lighting Designs using Vectorworks Spotlight Educational Edition.  

I have a problem where when I launch the program, all is fine. After a few changes to the lighting conditions, both fast render and final render stop working.

By stop working, I mean that they either do not update to the new state, or they only display black. I then have to relaunch the program to get it working again.

Also its worth mentioning that the rendering timer at the bottom also presents the wrong time for rendering when this issue happens. It can say that the render has taken 0:54 Seconds, to 1:48.. and so on. Random values, when in fact the render had only taken a couple of seconds. This happens when it either does not update or shows black.

This has happened to me for a couple of days, at first I thought it might be my fault since I'm relatively new to Vectorworks, however now it seems like a bug of some sort. 

Has anyone had this issue before or can think of any way, if it is an error on my part, of how to fix it?


Not sure if this is any use but here are my Tech specs of the computer I'm using:

Os: Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit)

Ram: 16Gbs

CPU: I7-6700K @ 4.00Ghz

Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 970


Thanks for your time and help




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