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Cinema 4d & Texture Scale

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Hello All,

Was wondering if anyone knows how to export a Vector file into Cinema 4D and have texture scaling be correct? I am using the Vectorworks 11 and the latest Cinema 4d with the new plug-in.

I have my Vector drawing set to feet, and I have feet setup in the Cinema 4d preferences. Now let's say I export a file with a 20' wall into Cinema 4d. I then open the Cinema 4d basic material folder and select a brick. I texture the wall group and bingo the scale is extemely large and definetly off. I now have to rescale maually the brick size to what I feel is about right. There has got to be a more accurate way.

I looked in the manual and don't see anything.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Chris Muraglia

Pentium 4 3.06 mghz. 2 Gig Ram

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The only way I've found is to count bricks. As far as I know they haven't worked out the scale thing between C4D and VectorWorks. Have you found that your models import into C4D at the right scale?

Once you do get the materials looking good in C4D you can set up a translator file with the material exchanger plugin. I guess you still need to scale them, though. I "solve" this problem by not doing any material work in VectorWorks, eyeing it in C4d, and remembering the necessary scaling to make it look like that.

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